Someone calling themself [[User:Enforcer]], who seems to be the same person who was posting on [[Fallujah]] the nonsense about the Bomis/Wikipedia/US Marine Corps connection, is posting the following on several trolls' Talk pages: ([[User talk:JRR Trollkien]], [[User talk:Pooya]] and [[User talk:Plato]])
Because of your determination in opposing anarchy and vigilantism among Wikipedia leadership, you have been selected as a possible complainant against the Wikimedia Foundation for violations of Florida Statutes Title XXXIII, (Regulation of Trade, Commerce, Investments and Solicitations), Chapter 496 (Solicitation of Funds).
The act requires any charitable organization in the state of Florida, such as the Wikimedia Foundation, to register [] with that state's Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and to disclose
[] their activities in annual statements, available to donors and to the public.
Wikipedia Foundation has so far attempted to evade the letter and spirit of Florida law by claiming its published solicitations for editorial contributions and cash donations "is not and should not be considered a solicitation to make a donation." The claim is as false as would be the claim of a panhandler on a sidewalk  rattling coins a tin cup.Wikimedia Foundation, on links provided from every page, solicit readers to contribute editorial content (edit this page) and to "donate if you can afford it." [] That is a solicitation, regardless the pages attempt to say black is white. You can form your own opinions if a claiming a request to "donate if you can afford it" is not a solicitation is accurate and neutral information, as Wikipedia claims to provide.
Florida law states "'Solicitation' means a request, directly or indirectly, for money, property, financial assistance, or any other thing of value on the plea or representation that such money, property, financial assistance, or other thing of value or a portion of it will be used for a charitable or sponsor purpose or will benefit a charitable organization or sponsor. []
Florida law states "'Solicitation' includes, but is not limited to, the following methods of requesting or securing the promise, pledge, or grant of money, property, financial assistance, or any other thing of value:
(a) Any oral or written request;
(b) Making any announcement to the press, on radio or television, by telephone or telegraph, or by any other communication device concerning an appeal or campaign by or for any charitable organization or sponsor or for any charitable or sponsor purpose;
(c) Distributing, circulating, posting, or publishing any handbill, written advertisement, or other publication that directly or by implication seeks to obtain any contribution; []
Wikipedia Foundation solicits cash donations, in-kind donations of editorial services and in-kind donations of technical services. You may either personally and directly pursue prosecution of Wikipedia Foundation by contacting the Florida Division of Consumer Services of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. [], and may verify Wikimedia Foundation's lack of compliance at the Division's on-line charitable organizations reporting page []. You may make an on-line complaint to the Division at []. Thank you for your interest in protecting the integrity of human knowledge, and for whatever interest you might develop in upholding the rule of law regarding charitable contributions, and compliance with the law among rouge on-line charitable organizations.


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