Daniel Mayer <maveric149@yahoo.com> wrote:

Daniel Ehrenberg wrote:
>>May I change the layout of the
>>homepage of the English Wikipedia
>>to that of the Esperanto Wikipedia?
>>I think that layout looks much better.
>>I would ask this on [[Talk:Main Page]],
>>but not many people look there that
>>often, and this would be a huge change.

>IMO that is HMTL madness -- WAY too many spurious colors that mean >nothing and whose only purpose is to look "purty" in the eyes of the designer.

Madness ? spurious ? means nothing ? what does "purty" means ? I don't think it is nice either

Well, some people designed this. And I think enough people like it and inspired themselves from it for these comments to be quite rude.
Colors have meaning to us. We collectively find them pretty and meaningful, more joyful than the restrained english design. More appealing. And areas more defined.

I think I remember that when I advertised our new design about 6 months ago, you gave a positive appreciation of it.

Good then, bad now ? :-)
Good for the french, bad for the english ? :-)
I don't get it.

>We have
>already worked out a more conservative color scheme for the Main Page but
>were waiting for some earth-shattering announcement to make to go with the
>upgrade (such as "The Wikimedia Foundation is open for business and is now
>accepting donations!" - not that we would say that on the Main Page but we
>would have a link to a press release).

who and when ? And why is "conservative" the best choice ?

>See: http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page/Temp
>Which is based on: http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

I don't like it.

>We really should be very conservative with making big noticeably changes to
>that page because so many people visit it every day. Making a big change is
>going to make people think that something is different and then they will be
>more likely to see the link to the press release (we did this for our last
>press release and it worked very well).

I disagree. This is quite common for websites to change their design from time to time. Google does give life to his homepage as well. People are no stupid. They may recognise the difference between a change of design and a change of content

>Color rational: White is for articles (thus the background for the category
>links is white/unchanged), Yellow is for community (since all our user, talk,
>and wikipedia pages are yellow) and Blue is for hyperlinks. I guess red for
>edit links would also be neat (indicating there is always something else to
>cover) but that would be too many colors and red is also a bit heavy.

Why is yellow associated with community ? why not pink ? why not green ? why not blue ?

Well, perhaps we should do what Oliezekat suggested after all. He suggested that the main page be with css, and that any user could change the colors of the main page in his pref page to suit his needs. And make something like MyWikip?dia

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