Afraid of having your mendacity aired for everyone to see?

David Friedland <> wrote:
Rick wrote:
> The poll at [[Talk:New York, New York]] on whether or not to move the
> name of the city to [[New York City]] is over. The vote was 17 for and
> 15 against. Hardly a consensus. If I tried to use that vote percentage
> as justification for deleting anything from VfD, people would be after
> me to remove my sysop status as a violation of consensus. But
> [[User:Nohat]] has taken it upon himself to unilaterally move the page.
> I have moved it back twice now, and will do it one more time in the 24
> hour period, if necessary. This is a direct violation of the naming
> convention for US cities and a violation of the meaning of consensus.
> RickK

Let's keep these kinds of content disputes off the mailing list and on
the wiki, please.

-- David

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