Lir is currently asking for clarification for her ban from the english wikipedia, on the wikipedia-l. I do not think this is a topic for wikipedia-l.
However, after I mentionned that to her, she answered she was banned from english wikipedia, from wikien-l and from irc, so wikipedia-l was the last place she could discuss her ban.
I am sorry to ask this, but I would prefer that Lir presents her defense on the english wikipedia mailing list, since it is an english wikipedia issue. I do not think all languages have to be involved in local issues discussion. I do not think Lir ban is a wikipedia wide topic of discussion :-)
Now, it has been going on for such a long time that I do not know what is the current status of Lir, with regards to her being allowed to edit.
Did the AC pronounced her banned ? For which duration ?
Is she really banned from the english mailing list ? Why was she ? Is it permanent ? Who decide who is banned from a list ?
Is she really banned from irc as well ? Why ? Is it permanent ?
I would have liked to go and see whether she was blocked or not on the english mailing list.
However, I do not have any admin access to the mailing lists any more since Fire reorganised everything. Not even to the lists I administrated myself for a while :-)
As far as I know, only 3 people have admin access now, brion, ed poor and jeronim.
So, brion, ed and jeronim, could one of you please check if Lir has access or not ?
If Lir does not have access, who is willing to discuss with Lir offline ?
Also, since this mailing list has now very few people able to access, I think a fair process has to be set up to decide who is banned and who is not banned from the mailing lists. It would also be nice that we are updated on this.

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