Whatever my personal views of the issue may be, your choice of wording as "the oil men who pass for government in your country" certainly shows YOUR agenda.  I hope it's not in the article, which I have yet to read.


 tarquin <tarquin@planetunreal.com> wrote:

The 84 countries who've signed the Kyoto Protocol seem to think that
global warming is a real issue.

Seems it's largely the oil men who pass for government in your country
who think otherwise. Might they have an agenda?

Poor, Edmund W wrote:

>Hey, speaking of disingenuous answers, how about applying the NPOV to the [[global warming]] article? Are you able to step back from your advocacy and be neutral for a few minutes, and help us make a balanced article there?
>One of the best ways to attain neutrality in a contentious article is for a person who believes passionately in one side to focus on making the best case for the OTHER SIDE. If you could do this, it would be a big help.
>Ed Poor
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