He came in last night under an IP address and immediately began deleting Talk pages which had to be rolled back.  He then created a NEW User Id as Weezer, and tried doing the same thing.  I've begun to automatically rollback anything he inputs, because 9 times out 10 it's either Talk page vandalism or it's wrong.


 Jimmy Wales <jwales@bomis.com> wrote:

Erik Moeller wrote:
> I could fix up the IP blocking code to include an expiry date fairly
> quickly, would that help? You would have to block a few times but it
> would probably scare him off.

I think having an expiry date on IP blocking code would be a good idea
generally, because it helps to alleviate the possibility that some
dynamic ips are broken for long periods of time.

I've made no decision about Michael yet, although a ban does seem to
be in order. I hadn't heard anything about him since I gave him a
warning, and I hadn't been paying attention. So I'll need to review
his contributions and possibly try to talk to him again. :-(

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