Toby Bartels <> wrote:

Stevertigo wrote:

>Toby is once again, dead wrong. The proper incorrect spelling for "pretty"
>is "purdy" -- with a "D"... I'm compiling my sources now...

This spelling indicates use of a voiced alveoloar flap
(IPA [r-with-no-line-above-the-curve])
instead of an unvoiced alveolar stop (IPA [t]).
Since mav well may use this flap himself (saying "priddy"),
perhaps he left it out of his mispronunciation spelling,
lest he be accused of hypocrisy.

Say ... /you/ don't use that flap, do you SV?
(Test: Do you pronounce "latter" and "ladder" the same?)
You're not being hypocritical here, are you? ^_^

Similarly, anybody that makes fun of G.W. Bush
by spelling his pronunciation of "nuclear" as "noocular",
yet themself pronounces the word as "nooclear",
is being hypocritical (that's why I wrote "nucular").
"nookyuhlar" is primarily unjustified exaggeration.
And don't get me started on "wuz"!

(Brits, of course, have more freedom to make fun of Americans
using some of these spellings.)

-- Toby

LOL. Thanks to both of you anyway :-)

We should have sounds in wiktionary...
to be NPOV, each word would have to respect each pronunciation :-)

And...I pronounce nuclear, newclear :-(((

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