I am concerned with WHEELER's anti-semitism.  He has made some offensive remarks in the past, but ones I could dismiss as poor communication in the course of heated debate.  Now he really has posted an ad hominem non-sequitor on the following page:
In the context of a discussion with AndyL over the relationship between the Austrian and Hungarian National Socialist movements, WHEELER posted the following:
And by the way since you want to declare a pedigree just because your relatives suffered under the Holocaust. [As far as I can tell, this is not true; Andy L always bases his arguments on historical documentation -- SLR]
The Nazis also committeed atrocities on the island of Crete.  My uncle, Sirodakis, was a great underground fighter.  It was my island that lead a ferocious resistance to the Nazis.  It was my co-religionists, Catholic priests that went to the camps as well.  And it was Jewish communists that destroyed the Orthodox Church in Russia.  Many a Christian died in Jewish concentration camps in Russian before the Nazis ever killed a single Jew.  So don't cry buster and don't wave your victimhood in my face.[[User:WHEELER|WHEELER]] 15:43, 1 Jul 2004 (UTC)

Not only does this have nothing to do with the article, it is simple, base anti-semitism -- a simple association of bolshevism with Judaism that the Nazis themselves mastered and promoted.  I think WHEELER should be banned for it, personally.  At the very least it calls for a profound and sincere apology.


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