Hi everyone,

I recently needed the same distinction for german universities. I used these three qualifiers as "instance of" for the institutions, primarily because they were already predominantly set for existing universities:

Q875538 (public university); "university that is predominantly funded by public means"; http://tinyurl.com/yapa6owx
Q1743327 (church college); roughly translated the german description says "university in church sponsorship"; http://tinyurl.com/ycy8rpjf
Q23002042 (private educational institution) "educational institution not primarily funded by public means"; http://tinyurl.com/yc6gn3zt

The last is not exactly the best match, but at least it's a subclass of educational institution like the others. But since it was my first try with Wikidata I'm by no means sure I decided for the best ones. So, I'd be interested in the answers too :)

@Victor: Regarding the funding maybe P749 "parent organization" could be used - at least I think it is (sometimes) used this way too...

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Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2018 18:23:19 +0000
From: Victor Villas Bôas Chaves <villasv@outlook.com>
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Subject: [Wikidata] Educational Organizations funding/affiliation
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Hi there!

I'm planning to do a mass import of the Brazilian database of Higher Education Institutions (2011 census) to Wikidata, updating existing institutions and add the missing ones. (I could use some help :)

One of the issues I foresee is the distinction between private and public educational institutions is done via subclassing instead of properties. There's a university subclass public university that I can use, but how should I indicate that the institution is maintained with federal, state or city funds?

Should I put the country in affiliation in the former and the state in affiliation in the latter? Should I propose a new property?

Or even better and hopefully the case, is there an even more specific property that I can use for this?

Also, how to indicate that some are non-profit and some are for-profit?

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