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 - This includes 363 license templates that indicate licensing for Commons files under public domain, Creative Commons and other open access licenses. These were created by bots and still require verification before use. They are listed at http://mappings.dbpedia.org/index.php/Category:Commons_media_license


Good to hear that :)
Is there documentation somewhere on how you ended up with those particular 363 licenses? Failing that, a pointer at the relevant code would be welcome :) 

This involved some manual work to gather the related templates and a bot to import them in the DBpedia mappings wiki. See the following links for details


The way we designed it with Gaurav there is no need to code anything to change an existing licence mapping or add a new one
you just need to request editor rights for the DBpedia mappings wiki (http://mappings.dbpedia.org)
Hard-coding this into code could probably give us more fine-grained control but it would be much harder to adjust.



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