In case this is interesting, DBpedia also provides structured data in RDF from Wikimedia commons since last September

the data is based on commons dumps and thus it is not up to date.


On Mon, Mar 23, 2015 at 12:42 PM, Emmanuel Engelhart <> wrote:

Thank you Keegan for this report, even if this is a pretty sad one.

Even if not directly implicated in the structured data & Wikidata effort, we have many projects in Switzerland counting with a working "structured data" system on Commons.

On 19.02.2015 21:11, Keegan Peterzell wrote:
The meeting in Berlin[2] in October provided the engineering teams with
a lot to start on. Unfortunately the Structured Data on Commons project
was put on hold not too long after this meeting. Development of the
actual Structured data system for Commons will not begin until more
resources can be allocated to it.

What kind of additional resources do you need? How much?


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