Here is a dashboard with the number of items that do have a sitelink:

Jan Ainali

Den tis 22 mars 2022 kl 22:25 skrev <>:
Is there a simple way to get the sitelinks count data for all Wikidata items?  I want to use the data to help rank possible text entity links to Wikidata items

I'm really only interested in counts for items that have at least one (e.g., wikibase:sitelinks value that's >0).  According to statistics I've seen, only about 1/3 of Wikidata items have at least one sitelink.

I'm not sure if wikibase:sitelinks is included in the standard WIkidata dump.  I could try a SPARQL query with an OFFSET and LIMIT, but I doubt that the approach would work to completion.
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