Hi Lydia & all,

As promised before, I have collected a list of suggestions of what I noticed myself or others have noticed to be unhandy or something that would be great to be improved. The suggestions and ideas have not been searched for in Phabricator (as that is still difficult), so it is possible that some of the points are already in Phabricator or is already worked on.
The suggestions are not sorted by importance, but tried to be grouped by subject/area.

I have tried to describe them as clear as possible, some with examples. Maybe some of them can be connected with Phabricator tasks.

I hope these ideas will help improve Wikidata to make the use of it better and easier.


A. General

A1. loading: large item pages with much statements and sitelinks are too heavy to load. For example items about countries, like Q30 (USA), make my (up-to-date) browser freeze (not responding) before it is loaded.

A2. missing labels: show on more places that the shown label of an item is not in the language of the user, but that the English version of the page is shown. (In the statements section it is shown that the label is not available in the language of the user, but is in English. Such is recommended to do on more places.) Like in the contributions page, there it is not shown that the shown label is in English instead of the language of the user.

A3. overview: make the overview of pages more compact (read: less white space, resulting in less annoying scrolling and having a full overview of all statements at once), or have a gadget/skin who can do that. If 10 statements have been added to a page, too much scrolling is needed because most of the page is empty with white.
The labels & descriptions section has been made more compact recently. However, full labels of statements have to be shown in future as well.

A4. search: make it easier to search in the fields of other languages, especially when no label and/or description is given to an item, but also in other cases. (Regularly a subject is more known by the name in the other language than in the language set for the user.)

A5. search: make it possible to switch of searching in statements section (or something like that), because searching for example for "Gemini" gives too much noise. Each page that has as statement something with (in this example) Gemini, pops up in the search and makes it difficult to find the right item.

A6. search: make it possible to easily search for where a specific property with a specific Q or input is used. Like filling in P717:032 or P131:Q3150.

A7. tool request: tool to give an overview (table) of all items with a certain property (or Q, or label, etc.), and in a second column being able to set to show a specific statement (if added) to each of the rows. Example: municipalities in Brazil (Q3184121). In the fist column all pages with P31:Q3184121 (instance of: municipality of Brazil). In the second column being able to set P17 (country). A third column being able to set P131 (located in the administrative territorial entity).
It should be possible to sort the overview (table) by column, so that it is possible to group all municipalities by state (and if none added empty, so these missing ones can be fixed).

It should also be possible to import data from an external source to match the items on Wikidata with the external source (and to see where the differences are).
Example: it would be great to be able to match the municipality names of Brazil with data from an external source. Like for example population numbers, height of the town, km², ID code, and so on.

A8. tool request: having a list of items with coordinates but no country added, and a tool that gives a suggestion based on the coordinates in which country this subject is situated, a map of the coordinate on the country and buttons to confirm/reject the country. (Likewise WikiData Game)

B. Labels/descriptions section

B1. labels in other languages: make it possible (again) to see the full label in other languages, instead of only a part ending with ... . Especially with long labels we should not press edit and do something clumsy to be able to read the full label
Example: less than half of the label is visible: https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q18032311?uselang=de
B2. missing labels/descriptions: make it possible to have one click in an empty field ("No label defined yet" or "No description defined yet") to edit that field (and making that section full edibale), without having to press [ edit ] on top first.

B3. confusion: I still keep having that I click in the title field to add a title to an item in my language. (Maybe something so solve in combination with B2.)

B4. other languages: maker it easier to change fields for other languages which are not set in my preferences. Maybe this can be done by a second collapsible box, so that "In more languages" shows the languages a user has set in his preferences, and in the collapsible part of "All languages" (new part) all other languages can be changed. (instead of not so handy label lister)

B5. auto adding: make it possible to add the name of the person or the scientific name of species to all of those languages with the same alphabet/script.
Example: https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q7298502 -> The name of this genus is for many languages the same and results in the same label for all of these languages.

C. Statements section

C1. order: make it possible to set a certain order of how statements are shown.
Example: someone who adds often Commons categories if those are missing, that that user can set that Commons is shown first on every item. (And second Commons gallery, third ..., etc.) Having to search for a statement that varies on what position it is shown is really annoying after some items.

C2. order: make it possible to alphabetize the order of the statements (like a wikitable).

C3. duplicate: give a notice with selecting the right property, when a certain property is already used on that item.

C4. suggester: if no statements have been added, the suggester should suggest P31 (instance of) and P373 (Commons category) as those two are (almost?) always needed or possible and are generic.

C5. suggester: if I select a certain property as statement, and I start typing the first character(s) of the name of the subject, the suggester should actually suggest something that matches with the property. This is especially wanted with the use of P17 (country).
Example: if I want to add the statement that a certain subject is located in country (P17) Albania, and I type an A, the suggester should give me first actual names of countries that start with an A instead of starting with A (letter of the alphabet), ampere, etc. If other suggestions are given when no (known) country names begin with the characters typed in the field it is fine, but please start first with actual names of countries that begin with the A, etc.

C6. suggester: better suggestions requested. Example: when I have added as statement P31:Q62832 (instance of: observatory), the next suggestion for a property should be P717 (Minor Planet Center observatory code).

C7. feature/gadget request: having one or more buttons on a page to repeat the one of the last 5 actions I have done on another page, like adding [ country: US ], or just [ country: ]. This would be especially handy for statements, but maybe elsewhere too.

C8. character sensitive: make characters not sensitive for diacritics, ligatures, dashes (-), etc. Maybe this suggestion does not count for some other languages, but in Dutch the a and the ã (as example, also ä á à â etc) are considered to be the same character. For many words it is not always clear if it is written with or without diacritic. For example: is it Sao Paulo or São Paulo in Dutch? Also with or without a dash, example: Sint Maarten or Sint-Maarten. The second one (with -) is how we normally write it but the island name is without - is the official name. This issue concerns thousands of pages, but if we type it with or without a diacritic/ligature/dash/etc while it should be with it, or the other way round, the suggester does not suggest it.

C9. missing statements: give a notice on items which statements are missing. On the talk pages of properties (example P717) it is stated with what statements a property must be combined. If on an item a notice is shown or invitation is given to add the missing statements, it would make it easier to have more items more complete.

C10. quick adding: have a tool/pop-up/etc to be able to add quickly the country to an item based on a suggestion.

D. Sitelinks section

D1. language codes: if someone adds a language code in the field to add a new sitelink to an item, please interpret this actual as a language code. Users are used to use the language code and then add the sitelink.
The language code is more common for many users: it is used in the url of the wiki, it is used with local interwikis, users have set in their preferences to show the language code only, have preferences to show the In other languages section on Wikipedia in their own language, and more. Users are used to use the language code, and this works also fast. Also the name of the language a language code is belonging to, differs for each language. Users often only add the language code and then press tab to go to the next field, but then get the wrong language.
If you add "es" for Spanish to add a page on a Spanish language wiki, however the language suggester gives first the suggestion "Esperanto" (eo) and not "Spanish" (es). (Also español is normally alphabetized before Esperanto!)
If you add "ro" for Romanian to add a page on a Romanian language wiki, however the language suggester gives first the suggestion "Romani" (rmy) and not "Romanian" (ro).
If you add "ru" for Russian to add a page on a Russian language wiki, however the language suggester gives first the suggestion "Runa Simi" (qu), second "rumantsch" (rm) and not "Russian" (ru).

D2. language suggester localisation: have the language suggester using the language a user has set in his own preferences. Many users are multilingual, but not everywhere in the world people speak/write in English well.

D3. adding new sitelink: on the Dutch Wikipedia multiple times various users have indicated that they find themselves unable to add a new sitelink when they wrote an article, as they experience this section too difficult to use. Even while multiple other users have helped and explained this to them. Maybe this is because 1. users need to squeeze in a code and 2. the field to add the actual pagename is too few remarkable, users do not see where to add the sitelink..

D4. faster saving: make saving faster, long list of interwikis slow down adding an interwiki very much. Now it seems the software checks if any field has been changed, every row. Saving can maybe go faster when only those fields are checked where the cursor has been. This is also something that consumes much time in the labels and descriptions section if someone has 3+ languages set in his preferences.
(In the previous version of the labels and descriptions section the alias fields coloured white when the cursor was put in that field.)

D5. easier Commons selection: make it easier to add a new Commons sitelink to the section Other sites.

E. Outside Wikidata

E1. Commons: show on Commons somewhere when a category, gallery page, institution page, template, file etc is used in a statement on Wikidata. If a page is renamed or deleted, this must be changed on Wikidata as well, but noticing where a page is used is not easy.
If an image is linked in a statement on Wikidata, on the image page this is shown. Somehow this should also be implemented for categories, gallery pages, institution pages, templates, and others.
This should be added to pages like Special:WhatLinksHere, Special:MovePage, Special:GlobalUsage

E2. Wikipedia/other wikis: develop an extension, that communities can enable, that shows on the bottom of articles, in the style of the category box, an automatic box with all the identifiers used for authority control to replace templates like https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q5153934.