Isn’t “dramatist” the term for the person writing the drama, and “dramaturge” is someone else (involved in the production)?

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Dramaturge ?  Really ?   I had no idea, until now that a PRO dramatist is actually called a...


Thanks for the 1 min education lesson Wikidata !

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  • Displaying Senses before Forms (phab:T208592)
  • Making quality constraints play nicer with the Query Service
  • Putting in the ground work to have quality checks run in jobs
  • Enabling arbritrary access on oldwikisource
  • Allowing configuration of the licence in .ttl output
  • Configuration of more string limits, such as URL and mono / multilingual texts
  • Moving wdqs frontend to a blubber deployment (phab:T192006)
  • Asserting a users name so they can't edit when accidently logged out (phab:T124451)
  • Showcase a termbox placeholder in the mobile frontend of (phab:T206200)

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