I'm using the following settings in LocalSettings (this is espeacially useful for dev - probably not good for production):
$wgWBClientSettings['siteGlobalID'] = 'enwiki';
So whenever there is a sitelink to enwiki it links to my local wiki.

Hope it helps,

On Mon, Sep 24, 2018 at 12:55 AM Erik Paulson <epaulson@unit1127.com> wrote:
Hello - 

I've got a very basic wikibase up and running, using this tutorial:

The tutorial along with the docker images make getting up and running pretty easy - So I've got a small base loaded - 7 properties, a couple of "core items", and then about 2000 jazz musicians. All seems mostly fine - I can query it via SPARQL, edit items in wikibase, and create pages in the wiki. The sample code is a touch out of date because the wikidata client library used for the examples has evolved a bit, but it wasn't too hard to figure out. 

However, I can't seem to create a link from the item to a page in my wiki - I don't appear to be have a site that I can link against. When I try to use this page:

whatever i try, it tells me that my site ID is unknown, and that I should try a known site like 'enwiki' (which also fails). I've tried just about every variation of siteID that I can think of.

Trying to add a site link in the wikidata item page for an item fails too - when I try to add a link, I'm never presented with a list of sites to potentially link to in the 'Wikipedia' box (and in the wikinews/wikivoyage/etc sitelink boxes)

The wikibase installation page at https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Wikibase/Installation#There_are_no_sites_I_can_set_in_a_new_item  suggests running these commands:
php lib/maintenance/populateSitesTable.php
php repo/maintenance/rebuildItemsPerSite.php

So I docker exec'ed into the wikibase container and ran them. Now, I'm presented with site link options - but all to wikipedia.org sites, not my local site. 

I've tried inserting a row into the 'sites' table in MySQL to something that points to the local site, but still no dice. 

Can someone point me at what I'm missing?

Related: the docker-compose system that comes up also brings up a regular mediawiki site, and it seemingly has the wikibase-client extension running, because I can reference my local wikibase data and pull out properties for items - for example, I can make a page for 'Teddy Edwards', and use this syntax and get a result:


P7 in the tutorial is the URL for an image from the linkedjazz site. (Teddy Edwards is assigned Q1932 in the tutorial I'm following)

However, because I can't make a sitelink from http://localhost:8181/wiki/Item:Q1932 to http://localhost:8181/wiki/Teddy_Edwards

And (I think) because of the lack of that sitelink, the wikibase client only works with the |from syntax - if I put in my Teddy_Edwards article just a {{#statements:P7}} line, I get no results when it's rendered. 

Am I correct that this second problem is tied to my first problem?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,


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