Hi everyone,

I am lately facing the following problem: There are many (biomedical) resources we import data from, which consist of several parts. And for each of these parts, they use either a different identifier structure, or they use the same identifier structure but with different accession URLs. This is valid for very essential resources like ChEMBL (e.g.  compounds, targets, assays), miRNA database, IUPHAR and others

In order to represent and link to these resources properly in Wikidata, how should we do this? The "easy" way is to just propose properties for each of these parts of a resource, which also allows to specify the proper formatter url. But this certainly would create several properties for the same resource.

The other way would be to specify a set of formatter urls, but this fails currently anyway, as this has not been implemented (yet). Maybe we could specify formatter urls on a value basis which could override the formatter url specified in the property? But I guess this requires substantial dev time in Wikibase.

What are your thoughts/ideas?