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Hi Kingsley,

that describes the core of the glue that DBpedia is. The definition leads to people downloading the EN DBpedia dataset and running statistics that will only discover what data is wrong or missing in the smallest parts of DBpedia.

The question was "What is DBpedia?" . What is misleading about it being about Wikipedia content transformed into RDF and deployed using Linked Data principles?

What happened to "LOD is the largest knowledge graph on earth" ?

The question wasn't "What is the LOD Cloud?" or am I missing something here.

Querying more Freebase data from DBpedia via Linked Data is a use case since over 10 years now using ontologies as a GPS.

Freebase is yet another derivative of Wikipedia content, isn't it?

Also the definition you give limits the community to people who have edited 10 Scala Classes in the extraction framework, which is probably 10 people altogether.

Look, can't you simply make a clear statement of what is missing from my definition of DBpedia? I sense you are talking about all the other utilities that have been developed by the project beyond dataset production e.g., services like DBpedia Spotlight etc?

So this is the most exclusionist view I can think of.

What you wrote here is adequate:

What you wrote in your email as a summary is very narrow and misleading, see Markus Kroetzsch's email. People will continue to measure DBpedia by exactly the part of the data that is loaded in the Virtuoso SPARQL endpoint unless we make the derivatives downloadable outside of HTTP LD requests.

You really have to try using a slightly better tone when communicating.

You could simply say:

Kingsley, here are some thing that could be overlooked based on the description your presented:

Item 1..N.

I'll just fix it, or worst case agree to disagree.


-- Sebastian

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On 9/20/19 1:31 PM, Denny Vrandečić wrote:
Yes, you're touching exactly on the problems I had during the evaluation - I couldn't even figure out what DBpedia is.
Hi Denny and Sebastian, To reiterate and/or clarify. DBpedia is a community project comprising RDF datasets constructed from Wikipedia content that's deployed using Linked Data principles. The description above implies the following re focus breakdown: [1] Dataset creation -- this cannot be created in line with Linked Data principles without the items that follow [2] Linked Data Deployment -- without this there is nothing to look-up re follow-your-nose exploration [3] SPARQL Query Services  -- without this there is nothing to query Over the years I've written a number of posts addressing the key question "what is DBpedia?" [1] https://medium.com/openlink-software-blog/what-is-dbpedia-and-why-is-it-important-d306b5324f90 -- What is DBpedia, and why is it important? [2] https://medium.com/virtuoso-blog/on-the-mutually-beneficial-nature-of-dbpedia-and-wikidata-5fb2b9f22ada -- Mutually beneficial nature of Wikidata and DBpedia

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