[1] I think this is nothing to be ashamed of -- Google is huge and their own internal data is likely much larger than what we have in Wikidata today. We may get there yet. Most importantly, our data is available freely while Google's is not.

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​The article mentions "no considerations of public good".   Even Microsoft, Yahoo, LinkedIn, as well as all Wikipedia developers would probably argue against that sentence.​

Because most know that Google gives a ton of free software away (not just from their developers freely giving 20% time back to the Open Source world a year) for all the world to use, most of which is here: https://github.com/google/  (Let alone handing Freebase data over and helping develop a Primary Sources Tool)

Lest we forget.... 

Look at the right side Google Knowledge Graph panel.... Wikipedia is displayed as sources of information.  Wikipedia gets attribution and a bit of free advertising.