Hi Markus,
thank you for helping us (designers) to find the way :)
To help us a bit more, can you (and the other members) give us elements to be integrated to the logo in reference to the WikiData philosophy?


On Fri, Apr 6, 2012 at 1:21 PM, Markus Krötzsch <markus@semantic-mediawiki.org> wrote:
Thanks for all the input!

One thing I would like to keep in mind is that Wikidata is meant to be easy and welcoming for a wide audience. As a computer scientist, I understand and appreciate imagery like a steel database cylinder, but I think it could look a bit technocratic to "normal" people. I don't have concrete proposals, but I would find it amazing if the logo could have a human touch to it.

One idea maybe: many people will know the Unilever logo [1] (a U made of a variety of objects). There are various logos in similar style (see also the "earth" category at logotrends 2011 [2]). Maybe something like this would be suitable for us, to show that Wikidata is about a wide range of topics and people. But making such a logo is a bit of work.



[1] https://www.google.com/search?q=unilever+logo&um=1&tbm=isch
[2] http://www.logolounge.com/article.asp?

On 05/04/12 08:39, Lydia Pintscher wrote:
Hey folks :)

You're all awesome for creating pretty logos! Love them.
Can you all add them to
please so we don't lose any of them?


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