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After all this trouble it seems there is a possibility that no-one more savvy than us locals are coming to the Avoin Suomi 2014 fair. This is unfortunate bad logistics. But I would be happy to continue the thought of a presentation together with you.

The workshop would be postponed as well, but cancelling the presentation on site at this occasion will let us realize it at a later event. Would you be interested?

I contacted Stryn. He would not be able to attend either, but he would join a separate event at a different time.

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2014-08-02 18:35 GMT+03:00 John Mark Vandenberg <jayvdb@gmail.com>:
Sounds very interesting.  I could cover my own costs, but the distance
and time is a killer at short notice.  When do you need to know by?

If nothing else, I would be very happy to help prepare the presentation.

There appear to be two Finnish-specific properties,


One of which is the Jufo ID, which is their research publication
tracking system used for their national research evaluation program,
and it would be nice to see them embrace open data for that exercise.

I havent populated that property yet, but it would be easy to do.
Once that is done, comparisons can be made to the research evaluation
systems in other countries that also have data in Wikidata, such as
Norway and Australia.

I have CC'd user:Stryn and User:Fnielsen
(http://www.imm.dtu.dk/~faan/), and onwiki notified User:Stryn just in

On Sun, Aug 3, 2014 at 12:09 AM, Susanna Ånäs <susanna.anas@wikimedia.fi> wrote:
> Wikimedia Finland calls for a Wikidata developer/advocate to present
> Wikidata at Avoin Suomi 2014 fair http://avoinsuomi2014.fi/ September 15–16.
> The event is organized by the Prime Minister's Office in collaboration with
> several public sector actors and open knowledge organizations.
> Wikimedia Finland has a booth, and will present projects in GLAM and
> education, and the Wikimedia sister projects with focus on Wikidata.
> To take advantage of the presence of the skilled wikidatan, we plan to
> arrange a Wikidata hands-on workshop before or after the event.
> The closer you are to Finland the better, but Finnish language is not a
> requirement.
> Please contact susanna.anas@wikimedia.fi if you are interested. You may
> forward this to a person you know might be interested.
> Looking forward to talking with you!
> Susanna
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