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Building on the beautiful maps-with-Wikipedia entries that you just created, Markus, in what ways could such Commons' photos/images with millions of coordinates, related video resources, and other related Wikipedia items be incorporated into a 3D film-realistic interactive wiki-informed virtual world - think Google Earth with OpenSim, Second Life, Illustris + - and in a way that's wiki-buildable, and could be used even for STEM-research (e.g. mapping in specific photos and videos from the various archaeological digs at Troy), and decade-by-decade to begin, even, for a kind of historical reference time frame virtual-world mapping? 

Here are a few related receptions conceptions of this from my blog ...

... and all in relation to a CC wiki/Wikidata academic methodology I'd like to develop further which I'm calling "ethno-wiki-virtual-world-graphy" and especially for STEM research - and in large languages to begin -

Thanks for these beautiful Wikipedia maps.

Cheers, Scott

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Very cool. Now try the same with other bodies of Solar System.[1]
Specially moon craters.

Right ... here you go:

With the density that low, other visualisations (Google Maps like) would make more sense, but there are some language-specific findings nonetheless. I guess other bodies will have even less to see, so I did not do them now.

Thanks! very interesting :-)

Commons has million pictures with coordinates.[1] Are they going to be imported into Wikidata?




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    Hi all,

    inspired by the recent works of Adam, I have now recreated the
    Wikidata maps that Denny made some years ago:

    There are some interesting observations to be made there, and in any
    case the images are quite pretty.

    The code is available online as one of the Wikidata Toolkit examples
    [1] for anyone who wants to create more/different maps. Building all
    of the maps takes about half an hour on my laptop, once the dump is




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