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As for mapping Wikipedia templates to wikidata properties I think James F. mentioned something about including that into templatedata

​ That's not quite right; I don't think TemplateData is necessarily the right avenue for Wikidata, though of course it might be possible to extend it for this case.

To VisualEditor, Wikidata properties​ are "just" another kind of transclusion, like templates, magic words, and parser functions. It's possible for VisualEditor to see an existing Wikidata reference as just another transclusion and not care where it comes from. For example, if you had the wikitext "{{#property:P646}}" (Freebase identifier) on enwiki's Foobar, you get something that sort-of looks reasonable but is not very user-friendly.

We haven't yet built in anything that lets you edit existing non-template transclusions very well[0], and we also don't support creating them yet (which is probably best done with a little pop-up listing all the available properties, their values and maybe description in the user's language).

Ok, the transclusion with {{#property}} is one point which perhaps isn't too hard to solve. However, most of the infoboxes etc. will perhaps be created by a lua module and then it isn't trivial any more to find the place some specific information comes from. This is the point I think will make the thing tricky.

​ Sure, but an infobox is just a nested version of VisualEditor (or, will be soon), with each field being its own edit surface. Doing infoboxen with Lua is profoundly anti-wiki and hopefully won't be done.​
Afaik the infoboxes won't have any parameters once they use Wikidata and be fully constructed using Lua. If I'm not correct I have to apologize but that's the latest thing I know.

​If the infobox really has no options and just builds itself entirely automatically, why not just move it out of the wikitext/etc. content entirely and display it always? This makes pages much easier to edit in wikitext (no KiB of {{…}} at the top, no confusing stuff at all, nothing to break) and simplifies a lot of things…

I think such a feature is planned in the new Winter design. There the infobox would be placed into the right column.

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