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Also check out all the work Mapbox had been doing in that area. There are blog posts and they presented it at WikidataCon. (Sorry writing this offline so don't have links.)


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*** Before I begin: I've never been a major OpenStreetMap contributor, so forgive me if I misunderstand something basic about it. ***

Lately, some work has been done on improving the integration of OpenStreetMap (OSM) and Wikimedia projects, in the Kartographer extension.

In particular, I'm curious about this task:

It's about showing place names in the wiki language. It may get resolved soon (yay!!)

But it raises an important question: What happens if the place name was not translated into the wiki language? As a not-so-extreme example, what happens if a place name is only available in the OSM database in Chinese? Unfortunately, it will be not very useful to readers of the English Wikipedia.

The desirable solution is to give Wikipedia editors who know the relevant languages an easy way to translate the labels.

Reading https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Translation#OpenStreetMap_website_interface , I see that there is no *easy* way to do it on the OpenStreetMap side. To add a translation of a place name, you need to:
* find it on the map
* edit it
* type "name:LANGUAGE_CODE" in the properties list (for example "name:ru" for Russian)
* write the name
* save
* wait for it to get published (I'm not sure how long does it take; maybe it's instant, but I made a test edit, and I still don't see it.)

This is not super-efficient for several reasons:
* Finding each place on the map may be time-consuming for practical considerations.
* Sending each change manually is also time-consuming.
* Typing the property name manually is slowish and error-prone.

A lot of this data is already available on Wikidata. In fact, OpenStreetMap already has a Wikidata item property for each place. (It can also have a property for Wikipedia link, one for each language. It looks redundant to me: A link to the Wikidata item page would be enough.)

Did anybody ever suggest importing the place names available on Wikidata to OSM, or to synchronize them regularly?

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