There has been a number of discussions about translations. At the moment, the whole situation is very similar to the original interwiki (sitelink) issue -- a lexeme in each language has to point to corresponding lexemes in all other languages. This issue was actually what started Wikidata in the first place :).  On one hand, lexemes could just point to Q-items, except that many lexemes do not represent "a concept" (WD requirement), but could be something else like adjective. Also, there is a problem of transitivity - a word in EN translates to FR which translates to HU, but EN might not correspond to HU (I do not know any examples of this, and this could be a made-up issue that could be solved via other means, just like with interwikis). Or we could create a new Wikidata namespace "Sense", and all lexemes will use that.

On Mon, Sep 16, 2019 at 1:40 PM Jo <> wrote:
I tried adding translations to Wikidata Lexemes. First I had to add senses to 2 Lexemes and then I had to add translation statements to those.

I hope I did it right. Not even sure of that. If I did it right, then I'd like to say that this is way too complicated. 

And I had to do it twice, to get the translation to work in both directions. The worst is though, that after having done this, they show 
translation:  L21957-S1

Which is rather useless. Why can't the Lexeme be shown instead? And then I mean the text version, not its L-number.


On Mon, Sep 16, 2019 at 5:26 PM Léa Lacroix <> wrote:
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  • Hauki lets you browse existing Lexemes, add Senses to them, and easily create new Lexemes for common languages and lexical categories.

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