Hi everyone,

We’ve been collecting lexicographical data for quite a while now. The first applications are being built on top of it as well. One big remaining wish is to make it possible to access the data in Lexemes also from Wiktionary. We’re enabling it on the first Wiktionaries now.

On December 15th, we’ll enable the initial version of Lua access to lexicographical data on the following wikis:

The Lua interface (i.e. the available functions and methods) is documented at mw:Extension:WikibaseLexeme/Lua (you can see a live example, with links to the relevant template and module, at Beta English Wiktionary: cat). If you have suggestions for improving it (e.g. extra functions that would be useful), feel free to add them to phab:T294637.

Please note that the Lua interface is not stable yet; breaking changes may be made at any time, though usually not without some note on Phabricator first. We recommend not fully relying on this yet. If your wiki would nevertheless like to have Lua access while it is not stable yet, feel free to leave a note at phab:T294159. Otherwise, we hope to stabilize the interface soon, at which point we’ll start enabling this feature on more Wiktionaries. If you're active on another Wiktionary and would like to see the feature enabled, feel free to reach out to us after talking to your community, and we will make sure to include it in the list for future deployments..

Change dispatching, i.e. the automatic updating of local wiki pages when relevant changes on Wikidata are made, as well as integration with recent changes and the watchlist, ought to work; however, usage tracking (i.e. determining which changes on Wikidata affect the local wiki) is not very fine-grained yet: if a local page uses any data from a Lexeme, then any change to the Lexeme on Wikidata will cause the page to be rerendered and that change will be added to the recent changes on the wiki, even if the change is unrelated to the data which the page actually uses. We will improve this at a later point; in the meantime, wikis that heavily use lexicographical data may see “too many” Wikidata entries in their recent changes and watchlists.

We are really happy to beta-test Lua access to Lexemes with you, and we are looking forward to your feedback and bug reports (they can be tracked under phab:T294159 or on the Report a Technical Problem page). We would love to know how you are using Lexemes on Wiktionary, so when you are running your first experiments, feel free to let us know!


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