Dear Wikidata community,

As part of my PhD, I am currently developing a visualisation tool to help data producers, such as Wikidata contributors, manage incompleteness in Linked Data.
This is in line with tools such as Recoin. We will present our prototype at the Wikiworkshop in Taipei in April. 

We are currently running an evaluation, and looking for participants.

Basically this consists in:
- a first video talk to understand specific problems the participant may have, and agree on a small set of data of interest for her/him to visualise in the tool (≈30 min)
- a second video talk once the data have been analysed (a few days later) to show how the tool works and get spontaneous feedback (≈45 min)
- the participant uses of the tool on his own, giving us feedback such as:
- how much it was used: if not at all or a little, what were the problems encountered / if a lot, which specific problems did it helped solving
- what could be bettered
Feedback can be given through gitlab tickets, or more video talks, as the participant prefers.

If you are interested, please get in touch!

Best regards,

Marie Destandau