Goodluck for Wikidata Team. Looking forward for Indonesian regional language version :)


2016-05-12 2:48 GMT+07:00 Lydia Pintscher <>:
Hi everyone :)

Last year Lucie started working on the ArticlePlaceholder ( in order to
fullfill Wikidata's promise of supporting especially the smaller
Wikipedias. Today we have rolled it out on the first 4 Wikipedias:
Esperanto, Haitian Creole, Neapolitan and Odia. When someone searches for a
topic where no local article exists but Wikidata has data we will show an
ArticlePlaceholder with this information and encourage the reader to create
an article. I hope this will help these Wikipedias by offering their
readers more content and by turning more of them into active editors.

In order for the feature to work well we need labels for items and
properties in these languages on Wikidata. A lot exist already but if you
want to help out you can find items and properties that need labels in
these languages at and

What we rolled out today as usual is a first version. Based on the feedback
from those 4 Wikipedias we will expand and improve it. One of the next
things we will do is add the option to translate an article from another
language if it exists using the Content Translation tool and fix known
bugs. Things we know are still broken or need work:
* language fallbacks in the properties are not working so you will see a
lot of P1234 and so on until a label is added on Wikidata in that language
* long identifiers break out of the identifier box on the right side and
don't look good
* right now you only get an ArticlePlaceholder in the search results when
Wikidata has at least 3 links to other Wikimedia projects and 3 statements.
We might need to tweak this number still based on feedback from the first
Wikipedias. We limit this in order to not encourage readers to create an
article that will be deleted right after they created it because it isn't

Here are some example pages:
* Odia:
* Napolitan:
* Esperanto:
* Haitian Creole:

I'm really excited about making true on one of Wikidata's biggest promises.

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