So are artist catalogue raisonné being considered?é

Note this exists in other languages. And there's a database here:

I have had problems with lists like discographies for music groups and musical artists -- even for super notable people (who happen to be women). Was told that an "exhaustive" list was "too encyclopedic" for Wikipedia. yep. :-(

Another instance of existing ontology that could be incorporated into Wikidata with things like Getty Thesaurus, and other existing LIS resources, etc.

Agree a video would be GREAT! 

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On the talk page I have added another.. I have used it frequently and, it is a list that is updated typically every year. They are awards.

On 29 August 2016 at 11:29, Léa Lacroix <> wrote:
Hello folks,

The Wikidata development team is currently working on tools to improve list creation on Wikipedia, based on Wikidata data.

In order to understand what could be useful for you and why, we suggest you three examples of user scenarios, in which you could recognize some of your current uses: how do you currently edit some lists on Wikipedia, which tools or processes do you use, and what can be improved.

You can answer some short questions and add comments on our assumptions on each related talk page. This input is very important to help us understand how you edit the lists on Wikipedia, and what tools could be useful for you.

Thanks to all of you who will take a few minutes to answer our questions!

Jan & Léa

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