Thanks for the catch, Thomas!  I've fixed that in the slide 36 and uploaded the corrected version to and Commons.


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Great that you could make a presentation.

A remark however of what I could read : "instance of" IS NOT transitive.

2015-10-12 20:47 GMT+02:00 Emw <>:
Hi all,

On Saturday, I facilitated a workshop at the U.S. National Archives entitled "An Ambitious Wikidata Tutorial" as part of WikiConference USA 2015. 

Slides are available at:

The demo of Wikidata's new SPARQL endpoint at was the most exciting part of the workshop for me, and caught the audience's attention too [1].  Stas Malyshev et al., thank you for developing Wikidata Query Service -- it's an incredibly awesome tool! 

I've added the query we used to the list of examples at

We also:
  • Live-edited the item about Nobel laureate Barbara McClintock [2]

  • Saw how Wikidata is used in Histropedia [3]

  • Discussed instance of (P31), subclass of (P279), and part of (P361) and how to avoid "bad smells" [4]

  • Learned about the RDF/OWL exports and how to explore them locally with Protege [5]

  • Talked about modeling causation on Wikidata, in the context of the American Civil War [6]

  • Covered Wikidata vocabulary, the Wikidata API, where to find things, unit quantity properties (e.g. area, length, GDP per capita), etc.

I'd estimate we had 30 to 40 attendees. 

Later the same day, Katie (Aude) presented on integrating Wikidata into Wikipedia through Lua.  Elvira (Emitraka) also presented on how the Gene Wiki project has been enhancing Wikidata with items about genes, items about diseases, and their causal connection -- and how the Gene Wiki group is working to make corresponding infoboxes on Wikipedia more relevant to the layperson.  Both talks were well-attended and excellent.


1.  SPARQL on Wikidata.  Slides 39 - 43.

2.  Barbara McClintock live edit.  Slide 18.

3.  Histropedia.  Slide 22.

4.  Avoiding bad smells in classification.  Slide 35.

5.  How to explore Wikidata RDF/OWL dumps locally.  Slides 44 - 48.

6.  Causation on Wikidata.  Slides 49 - 51.

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