Hi, it's first of July and I would like to introduce you a quarterly goal that the Engineering Community team has committed to:

Establish a framework to engage with data engineers and open data organizations

We are missing a community framework allowing Wikidata content and tech contributors, data engineers, and open data organizations to collaborate effectively. Imagine GLAM applied to data. 

If all goes well, by the end of September we would like to have basic documentation and community processes for open data engineers and organizations willing to contribute to Wikidata, and ongoing projects with one open data org.

If you are interested, get involved! We are looking for 

* Wikidata contributors with good institutional memory
* people that has been in touch with organizations willing to contribute their open data
* developers willing to help improving our software and programming missing pieces
* also contributors familiar with the GLAM model(s), what works and what didn't work

This goal has been created after some conversations with Lydia Pintscher (Wikidata team) and Sylvia Ventura (Strategic Partnerships). Both are on board, Lydia assuring that this work fits into what is technically effective, and Sylvia checking our work against real open data organizations willing to get involved.

This email effectively starts the bootstrapping of this project. I will start creating subtasks under that goal based on your feedback and common sense.

Quim Gil
Engineering Community Manager @ Wikimedia Foundation