Which items, which admin, etc.

A little context would help.

If the items were appropriate, wait for the community to agree with you before recreating them.

On 31 Jul 2016 17:50, "Gerard Meijssen" <gerard.meijssen@gmail.com> wrote:
Many items were created for Wikimania talks. They were created because Wikimania talks represent the best practices of the Wikimedia projects. All these talks were selected in a process to bring out the best our movement has to offer in the many years Wikimania was held. All the persons who gave these presentation are known by either their nick or their name as they themselves identified them at the time of offering the presentation for consideration/

For whatever reasons a Wikidata admin removed these items without any discussion. In the discussion that followed other people presented the arguments why there are no valid arguments for this deletion. A request was made repeatedly to undelete the items involved.

Given the current state of affair there is little option but to recreate these items. It must be noted that the current situation is problematic on many levels. Among them it became clear that admins do as they wish and are not held accountable for their actions. The only thing asked is for the undeletion of items and some sober thought on what may be expected of a Wikidata admin.

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