In the latest hack by Magnus, he has expanded the search capability to Wikidata so that you will get automatically generated descriptions but also a link to Commons, a link to the Wikipedias and a link to the Reasonator.

The last bit is extra special because it will show you information in the language of the Wiki with a fall back to English. At this stage Reasonator only works for people. (ie "is a" "human").

What we would like is to have a nice logo for the Reasonator. it should look good as an icon in the search and it should look good on a bigger scale. I asked Lydia and, she may throw in a Wikidata T-shirt if she likes the result.

I blogged about all this, [1] and, there is a link included that explains how to add the search capability to your Wikipedia profile.

[1] http://ultimategerardm.blogspot.sk/2013/11/ask-and-it-will-be-given-to-you-ii.html