Very nice!

A few quick comments:
* It keeps asking me to share my location (FF40/Mac), even though I agree. Maybe a cookie issue?
* This also happens when  I click on an item.
* Testing near Wikidata HQ ;-) I found quite a few items without image. Note that you can construct a link for specific items (as in, items in your results without image) to WD-FIST. Example (three items closest to my location):,629084,2697811%5d&depth=3&language=en&project=wikipedia&no_images_only=1&prefilled=1

In this case, I could instantly add an image for two of the three items (I didn't, for demonstration's sake). Maybe worth a thought.


On Thu, Oct 29, 2015 at 6:09 PM Lydia Pintscher <> wrote:
Hey folks :)

Have you ever wondered what is happening on Wikidata around you? What
does Wikidata know about the building next door? Or the tube station a
few blocks away? Now you can find out. Head over to and you will know.
This is another piece in the puzzle to making it easier to get an
overview of the data you care about.

Share if you find something cool and unexpected around you!


PS: A special thanks to everyone who helped get this out including Max
Semenik, Jon Robson, Florian, Erik Bernhardson and David Causse..

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