If you want to list the properties called by a template then you need a property which links to other properties - ie it has a property datatype. Property datatype is not available yet but is coming soon.

You can then use the labels for this property in various languages to label the corresponding template parameters

It seems to me that it would be better to store this info in the template itself - use lua to specify the property for each parameter and also to specify that the parameter label should be the label of the corresponding property in the language of that wiki.

Maybe we should store these internationalised templates here on wikidata?

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> architect}} at the top. How would ContentTranslation, a MediaWiki
> extension installed on the Wikimedia cluster, know that the "name"
> parameter is "naam" in Dutch?

"Name" would be a bit tricky since I'm not sure if we have property
called "name" but for something like date of birth wouldn't it be useful
to link it in the template to
https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Property:P569 somehow? Is there such

In DBpedia we have our own properties and the mappings should use these instead.
Some exceptions exist for very popular vocabularies such as foaf:name but I am not sure if we should allow direct mappings to a wikidata property if an equivalent DBpedia property exists.
We already have some mappings in place but more are needed for complete coverage
With identifying properties, however - such as name - I'm not sure if
this could be used.

I agree that general properties such as name are difficult to interpret

> Even if it is possible to query it, is it good to be dependent on an
> external website for this? Maybe it makes sense to import the data from
> dbpedia to Wikidata? It's absolutely not a rhetorical question - maybe
> it is OK to use dbpedia.

Well, in dbpedia it says name is foaf:name, but this could only be
appropriate for humans (and maybe only in specific contexts), for other
entities "name" may have completely different semantics. In Wikidata,
however, properties are generic, so I wonder if it would be possible to
keep context. dbPedia obviously does have context but not sure where it
would be in Wikidata.

We could keep the context in DBpedia and with proper inter-linking do many interesting stuff.

As we discussed yesterday, we could use DBpedia Live and check for updated/stalled/missing values.
For example, if the previous values were the same in DBpedia/Wikipedia & Wikidata and e.g. Wikipedia changes a value we could trigger an update alert, or if a new value such as deathDate in introduced that does not exist in Wikidata.
DBpedia would use dbo:deathDate, but using the link to P570 we could allow an agent to do the check

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