Can you give me a reference for the statement that CCBYSA and ODBL are compatible? I understand that they have certain similarities, but I want to understand if I can take ODBL content and relicense it under CCBYSA and the other way around.

Or else what do you mean with "compatible"?

2012/11/28 Alexrk <>
I guess things would be far more easier if WikiData would choose a CCBYSA-compatible database license like ODbL. I can only repeat myself, that the OpenStreetMap community went through a similar discussion and decided to respect database rights and keep their data as clean as possible. Because they didn't want to take the legal risk, that after 5 years a big company like Google will sue them and so OSM might loose the work of 5 years.

I also think that there are two aspects in this topic: 1) the pure legal aspects and 2) how we (Wikipedia users) treat each other and respect the work of others. So the WMF might say: hey you European guys with your DB rights... bad luck that you invest all your work into a US hosted project - we don't care about your rights. Even _if_ this is legally not to be objected, is it fair against the users?

To make it clear: I'm into lots of list articles (streets and monuments) which contains lots of data. This content is licenced under CCBYSA today. The day when all this content will be expropriated by WikiData, is the day I'll stop my work for these Wikipedia projects.



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