I may be stupid, but for me there is no reason in there that will help us in what we do. 

For me reasons to wikidatify multi media files are:
Sorry but what you write is only technical, hard to understand and does not motivate at all because it lacks any reason why we should do this.

On 17 August 2014 10:54, James Heald <j.heald@ucl.ac.uk> wrote:

The aim of of the WikiProject Structured Data for Commons is:

*    To develop templates that draw directly on Wikidata (and in future also on Commons Wikibase), that will act as drop-in replacements for templates currently in use on Commons.

*    To develop new templates that can bring new functionality to Commons filepages (eg "topics" listings)

*    To support the cataloguing of particularly idiosyncratic templates currently in use on Commons (eg institutional credit/backlink templates, and other source templates), and try to produce more generalised, standardised forms that can draw on Wikidata.

*    To work with other WikiProjects on Wikidata to understand, document and develop the data models on Wikidata, and make sure that they are sufficient to accommodate the needs of GLAM organisations and others currently or in future uploading or maintaining metadata on Commons.

*    To start to port existing such data that can be represented in structured form, and is appropriate to do so, from Commons to Wikidata

*    To examine the divide between what should be stored on Wikidata and what should be stored on the proposed Commons Wikibase.

*    To support, as a user-space community, the work of the staffers developing Commons Wikibase and other aspects of the Foundation initiative for Structured Data for Commons in any way we can.

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