So many congratulations John and Wikimedia Sverige team! Its super exciting the path you are going down with each of the projects! The movement is going to benefit from that work.  



On Thu, Mar 28, 2019 at 11:05 AM Samuel Klein <> wrote:
Wonderful. Wikispeech will be amazing  :)

On Thu., 28 Mar. 2019, 6:31 am John Andersson, <>

> Wikimedia Sverige is proud to be the recipient of three new grants totaling
> around USD 500,000. We hope to work with many of you as part of these
> projects. If you are interested in getting involved or receiving updates
> please let me know.
> Furthermore, the chapter also has a new heavily subsidized agreement for
> our office space.
> Project 1: Wikispeech – The Speech Data Collector
> The first project is a continuation of the Wikispeech[1] project, a
> text-to-speech (TTS) system that converts written text into speech. From
> September 2019 to April 2021 we aim to finalize building the MediaWiki
> extension and to build tools to collect speech data to add pronunciations
> to Wikipedia, Wiktionary and Wikidata and to add more languages to the
> text-to-speech solution. The tools should also be possible to use for oral
> citations.
> The work happens in partnership with the Royal Technical Institute, STTS (a
> language processing company), Mozilla Foundation, Wikimedia Deutschland and
> the Swedish Dyslexia Association.
> As always, you can find the full application on our wiki (in Swedish):
> Project 2: Wikipedia in Libraries
> From 2019 to 2020 Wikimedia Sverige, together with the National Library of
> Sweden, will develop an online training module for Swedish librarians
> focused around free knowledge and the Wikimedia platforms. This will be a
> mandatory training for all of Sweden's 5,000 public librarians. Our hope is
> to give all of them a basic understanding of the Wikimedia projects, as
> well as to complement the online training with advanced courses for the
> most dedicated. The advanced courses will give them the tools to ongoingly
> organize activities and events independently at their libraries across the
> country.
> Furthermore, the librarians will be engaged in the #1Lib1Ref and
> FindingGLAMs campaigns.
> There is a great potential to receive continuous funding over the coming 3
> years if successful.
> As always, you can find the full application on our wiki (in Swedish):
> Project 3: Bibliographical data on Wikidata
> We continue our work to include bibliographical data on Wikidata. The
> project details are still being negotiated with the funder. The project
> will start in mid-2019 and last until 2020.
> Cost reduction
> Starting from March 2019 we have a new agreement in place for a heavily
> subsidized coworking space office from the Swedish Internet Foundation.
> Through the agreement we will save us around USD 30,000 per year compared
> to when we had an office of our own.
> We have received this generous subsidy because Wikipedia is considered so
> important for the infrastructure of the Internet. We are very happy that
> the agreement does not have an end date and that we have the possibility to
> grow significantly over time as well (while keeping the generous subsidy).
> Please contact John Andersson ( if you have
> any
> questions.
> [1]
> Best,
> John
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