The straw man has lots of wrinkles.

If we can build AbuseFilter rules, and apply protection (incl. semi-), on granular information, the community can better manage the growth of the data source with a serious attempt at maintaining quality and stability.

We need to escape from the 'page' mentality that is the underlying cause of many Wikipedia problems. Wikidata can do this.

On Sat, 11 Jun 2016 01:41 Stas Malyshev, <> wrote:

> More concretely: While the item about Barack Obama as a whole will
> probably change ever and ever again, the value of his birthday statement
> should never change: The current value is proven to be true and can't
> change by its nature. What would be the problem about protecting this
> specific value in this specific statement?

Small wrinkle here: one may want to change it by adding a reference or
removing a reference that went stale, or replacing it with an archived
version. It is also not out of the question we may add qualifier to it
(e.g. if we introduce new qualifier that didn't exist before) or remove
one (if we deprecate it, for example). So while the value is not likely
to change, other components of the claim very well might.

Stas Malyshev

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