Le 01/12/2017 à 14:06, Federico Leva (Nemo) a écrit :
mathieu stumpf guntz, 01/12/2017 03:00:
Actually, as far as I know, CC-by-sa-3.0-undeed states nothing about /suis generis/ rights

I don't know what's -undeed, but 3.0-it and 4.0 do, which is for instance why ISTAT data can be imported in Wikidata despite the less than ideal license (CC-BY-3.0-it).

Sorry, I meant "unported", that is whith no specific claims about local juridiction. So, in a nutshell, ported versions of CC-3.0 of European countries such as Italy or France do include clauses related to suis generis rights, while the unported version.

And to be complete "undeed" is the Creative Commons sobriquet for "full legal code", as opposed to the simple "deed" presentation for the layman:

The Commons Deed is a handy reference for licensors and licensees, summarizing and expressing some of the most important terms and conditions. Think of the Commons Deed as a user-friendly interface to the Legal Code beneath, although the Deed itself is not a license, and its contents are not part of the Legal Code itself.