Hello all,

As you might know, there are plenty of tools analyzing Wikidata’s content and its usage across the Wikimedia projects.

The new dashboard we would like to present you today, the Wikidata Identifier Landscape, is focusing on the external identifiers and their usage on Wikidata. Its different views allow to answer questions like: how much do our external identifiers overlap with each other? With how many statements are they currently described? Which identifiers represent certain topic areas? On what type of items are they usually used? How can we map the galaxy of our external identifiers?

WD EId Network.png

Map of the external identifiers galaxy


On the dashboard, you can browse through different tabs:

On every tab, the descriptions gives you more information about the calculation method and the result. You can also check the documentation page.

Screenshot from ExID dashboard - Mérimée ID.png

Map of the external identifiers neighbors of Mérimée ID (P380)


If you have any question, if you find a bug of if you have a request for future development, feel free to ping me or to comment on this Phabricator task.

And of course, feel free to share the dashboard with people or projects that could be interested in playing with identifiers :)


Léa Lacroix
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