Denny said:
"if I understand topic maps correctly it should be trivial to write a transformer that takes the export that Wikidata will offer and translates it into topic maps, if you are so inclined. This way the topic maps community can be served through that transformer easily, be it a web service or a parser-front-end"
Sure, at a technical level, but let's focus on concepts & requirements though because your semantics may force mapping SNAKs to other protocols, bad karma for lossless exchange. And allow me to note that the "topic map" community is one & the same here as the "semantic" community (if not the greatest part of that community btw) so please, let's not create a we-they paradigm okay? I guess you know that Drupal is incorporating ISO Topic Maps and that ISO Topic Maps is a superset of the W3 RDF. It's definitely heartening to see your own evolution on this matter, creating a conceptual design so duplicative of this international standard (you can reach farther when standing on the shoulders of giants...).
Last point, on the "information sources must be free" dictum, which you stated in your reply.
ISO has a simple business model that is fair honest etc, to support its own non-profit operations. You can use their info for free. That said, can you provide a link to your stated policy, stated as an MWF policy, or is this your own policy -- I'd like to know more about the thinking behind it.
Thanks - john