Hi Ettore,

speaking as the person who’s entered the current data into the LOD Cloud… no, I’m afraid it’s not as easy. Some of our namespaces (i. e. RDF formatter URLs) are wrong, some of the namespaces in the LOD Cloud are wrong, some datasets just don’t have a clean namespace (or they have several of them), some of our properties map to more than one LOD Cloud dataset, some LOD Cloud datasets map to more than one of our properties, and in general this is all just a terrible mess.

We might be able to start cleaning up this mess if we create a property “LOD Cloud identifier” or something like that, but I think if you try to match datasets between the two databases automatically you’re just asking for trouble.


On 28.07.2018 13:13, Ettore RIZZA wrote:
Dear all, 

stop me if my question is naive or stupid. But I see that a dataset like Europeana is both in the Lod Cloud and as a property in Wikidata. However, the method using the "Formatter URL for RDF resource" property does not work because this property is missing from Europeana ID. How many other cases like this?

But I see in this simplified version of the Lod Cloud that each dataset has a namespace. Would not it be more efficient to match Wikidata and Lod Cloud using this namespaces in a series of Sparql queries



On Mon, 9 Jul 2018 at 14:07, Lucas Werkmeister <mail@lucaswerkmeister.de> wrote:
On 27.06.2018 22:40, Federico Leva (Nemo) wrote:
> Maarten Dammers, 27/06/2018 23:26:
>> Excellent news! https://lod-cloud.net/dataset/wikidata seems to
>> contain the info in a more human readable (and machine readable) way.
>> If we add some URI link, does it automagically appear or does Lucas
>> has to do some manual work? I assume Lucas has to do some manual work.
> I'd also be curious what to do when a property does not have a node in
> the LOD cloud, for instance P2948 is among the 77 results for P1921
> but I don't see any corresponding URL in
> http://lod-cloud.net/versions/2018-30-05/lod-data.json

Previously it was manual work, yes, and for properties not in the LOD
cloud I added commented-out entries to the page source of
I’ll try to resubmit Wikidata now and see how the submission process has

Cheers, Lucas

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