As said, this is correct with regard to deployment. We will not, though, halt developing phase 2 until phase 1 is fully deployed. So development of phase 1 is finished, its deployment is not yet. And we cannot promise or predict when deployment of phase 1 will be completely finished.

Development of phase 2, in the meanwhile, is continuing.

I hope that clears it up.


2012/11/27 Jan Dudík <>
I am afraid that phase #1 should be finished in the moment, when
wikidata-interwiki-data are used by other wikis. And this is not yet.
Now Wikidata are some kind of toy, but when these data are not used
and when (almost all) interwiki bots updates only other wikis but not
the wikidata, phase #1 is not finished.


> Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2012 03:57:21 -0600
> From: Alexander Jones <>

> Jan Ku?era wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> can we have ONE place where there will be info about current progress and
>> WHEN will be particular phase really launched? I also would like to see
>> reasons why original deadlines were not met... I guess phase #1 was due to
>> about two months ago?
>> Can it be you already are coding phase #2 while #1 still is not launched?
>> What is the reasoning behind this?
>> I dont want to be pain in the ass but I think more people might be
>> interested in clearly watching the project progress without having to dig
>> for info themselves. One is getting confused and demotivated for future
>> volunteering seeing targets are not met without much reasoning (or at
>> least much publicly readable communication).
>> Thx.
>> Jan
> Not a developer, so I can't answer about the deadlines, but phase #1 IS
> already live on
> Alexander

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