In June 2012 I ran an analysis to discover how many language links were on Wikipedia. Last week, I rerun the analysis again - and the results are stunning.

Of the 240 Million language links, 239.2 Million have been removed so far. This is an amazing result by the community. Congratulations.

Last year, 4.9 GB of text was required to represent the language links. These have almost completely gone. And whereas last year for smaller Wikipedias the language links made a substantial part of their content, they have no almost completely disappeared.

Congratulations! Let's get ready for having the same positive effect on Wikivoyage, starting next week!

(Note that the deployment might happen on a Tuesday for a change, as Monday will be blocked for a few other deployments)

Here is the full data:
2013 analysis: <>
2012 analysis: <>

Addshore is currently working on getting some actionable analytics out of the dumps, in order to deal with the last remaining language links.


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