Hi Vladimir,

Il 24/feb/2015 08:38 "Vladimir Alexiev" <vladimir.alexiev@ontotext.com> ha scritto:
> Excellent, thanks!!
> 1. Do you have a description how does this work?
> I can't even find your presentation from Dublin 7 Feb
The paper describing the approach is under review on a top conference, I wilk share it when the review period is over.
> 2. How can I split out Drink from Food?
> E.g. Beer is in here: http://it.dbpedia.org/downloads/dbtax/A-Box/Food.ttl
> Not joking: this can help us in Europeana Food and Drink :-)
The T-Box may help you out.
You can check http://it.dbpedia.org/downloads/dbtax/T-Box.tsv

Hope this helps.
> Cheers! Vladimir