Dear Ms.,
I thank you for your efforts. I tried to reach you during Wikimania 2019. I met you. But, we could not talk as we had other meetings to attend. I managed to talk with you about enhancing Wikidata as a platform. However, when I saw the report, I thought that it will excellent if I can add my output to the strategy paper about the topic. I ask if this is possible.
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Objet : [Wikidata] Vision and strategy papers for Wikidata and Wikibase are published

Hi everyone :)

More than 7 years ago we started the development of Wikidata. We
started out with the main goal of building a central data store for
Wikipedia. Very quickly we expanded to also covering the other
Wikimedia projects. Then came the interest from people outside
Wikimedia to use Wikidata’s data to build their own apps, websites,
visualisations and more. And last year we witnessed a significant
interest in Wikibase, the software behind Wikidata. This means our
work has expanded very significantly from what we started out with. We
noticed that more and more people need clarity and certainty about
where Wikidata and Wikibase are going. Because of this WMDE and WMF
started discussing this more deeply and wrote down a lot of the things
we have been talking about in the Wikidata and Wikibase communities
over the last years.

The result of these conversations include one product vision paper and
three product strategy papers that we are publishing today:
* Vision: This paper gives a high-level overview of where we’d like to
see Wikidata and Wikibase evolve and grow, based on the work of the
past 7 years and many conversations with community members, movement
partners, and other stakeholders.
* Wikidata for Wikimedia projects: This paper dives deeper into how we
see Wikidata developing in the context of the Wikimedia projects and
how it can better support the projects.
* Wikidata as a platform: This paper explores the value of Wikidata as
a source of data for others outside Wikimedia to build upon.
* Wikibase Ecosystem: This paper goes deeper into the idea of the
Wikibase Ecosystem, a network of Wikibase instances which share data
and other capacities.

I would love for you to read these papers now and give your feedback.
We are collecting feedback until the end of October and will then
integrate it as appropriate into a second iteration of the papers.

The papers are published at Please leave
your feedback and questions on the associated talk page.

I am looking forward to reading your input.


Lydia Pintscher -
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