On Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 9:52 PM, James Forrester <jforrester@wikimedia.org> wrote:
​If the infobox really has no options and just builds itself entirely automatically, why not just move it out of the wikitext/etc. content entirely and display it always? This makes pages much easier to edit in wikitext (no KiB of {{…}} at the top, no confusing stuff at all, nothing to break) and simplifies a lot of things…

I support moving the infobox out of wikitext and into "page settings", and allowing only one infobox per article. Sometimes there are more than one which makes things unnecesarly confusing. For instance:

it could use an infobox "group of humans" that displays data of each person in the group instead of using twice "infobox person".

However I'm saying this as a Wikidatan and a rational person, not as Wikipedian :)