Dear all, the WikiCite 2019-20 annual report is now published!

It features our 'Satellite event' grant recipients, description of the necessary adaptations due to COVID-19, and summary of WikiCite-related news from across the movement:

Obviously, nearly all of the approved grants for the first half of 2020 had to be cancelled, postponed, or radically altered from their original design due to the impact of restrictions on in-person events. You can learn all about the diverse and interesting projects which were intended to happen all around the world, and what they are going to be doing instead, in this report.

More details about the WikiCite 'satellite events' grant program and its administration at:

I'd like to thank the volunteering steering committee, all the grant applicants, my colleagues, and our funding partner the Sloan Foundation, for the incredible flexibility and understanding that everyone has shown during this period of rapidly changing information. It has not been easy for our grant recipients to be receiving updates with new rules about what is and isn't allowed, in the midst of trying to plan their events. Equally, for the committee to have worked so hard to conscientiously prepare the call for proposals and then review all the applications, only to have circumstances overtake us. I appreciate the understanding and collegiate way everyone involved in this process has worked together. 

– Liam Wyatt
p.s. The steering committee, myself, and colleagues, are now – just like many organisations around the world – in the midst of discussing how to best continue the program through the 2020-21 WMF-financial year in the light of the ongoing disruptions to in-person events caused by COVID-19. We will be sharing more news about this when we can.

Program Manager for WikiCite
Wikimedia Foundation