Incompatible how ? The fact that some wikis allow for licenses that Commons does not allow for does NOT make them incompatible. It means that they use licenses in addition to Commons.. Technically that is no big deal at all.

On 13 September 2014 23:40, P. Blissenbach <publi@web.de> wrote:
Just a word of caution about collecting all images in commons.
A while ago, at least, some local wikis had images with license
terms incompatible with commons and vice versa. I recall very simple
logos of companies, and several types of "fair use" derivatives.

If that is still so, we have an obstacle that may prevent us from
both moving images, and even linking to them under some local laws.

Technically, I agree with the idea quoted below.


"James Heald" <j.heald@ucl.ac.uk> wrote:
> What I suspect is more likely, and probably makes more sense, is to
> converge the images themselves to all live in one place.  So if the same
> fair-use image was used on multiple fair-use wikis, it would only be
> stored once (though each fair-use wiki would retain it's own File page
> for it).  Such a structure should also make transfers to Commons much
> easier -- compared to the copy-and-paste by bot at the moment, which
> loses all the file-page history and most of the upload history.

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