2014-06-22 16:28 GMT+02:00 Amir E. Aharoni <amir.aharoni@mail.huji.ac.il>:
> The only concern is that Wikidata is a single wiki and
> not all users on a given wiki will be concerned (except for adding
> interwiki links but technically ll is done on this subject).
> The rest is about data that will be used by tricky templates
> and whose readers would be more technical users than usual.

It's a single wiki used by a lot of other wikis. Quite like Commons, and news about tech updates on Commons do make it to Tech News.

Yes I know, but for now such usage, it is not enough friendly for most users as it is complicate to contribute there, except for adding translations of labels and adding interwikis.
Wikidata is severely underused by templates, even though templates are supposed to be Wikidata's biggest killer application, so more PR about it really won't hurt. Examples of successful use of Wikidata in templates in some projects, even without tricky technical details, can go a long way to furthering Wikidata adoption.

Most of the work for now involve technicians, and the tech news about wikidata will almost only interest them. That's why I still suggest developing your separate Wikidata Tech news, even if sometimes (rarely for now) there will be a shorter summary posted in the Wikimedia tech news. It could be useful for example if there are specific development in the VisualEditor or other new generic tools (such as a cross-wiki template transclusion namespace acting like the Image: namespace, and allowing Wikidata to be really used more widely across wikis. 

Other news that will intererest anyone is about maintenance of Wikidata where it could get offline (because this affects existing functionalities like interwikis): they merit being in the Wikimedia Tech news as everyone will see the impact of such down times or failures.

This is my opinion.